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He had issued a short edict warning both plaintiffs and defendants that he would strictly carry out the decree of the Senate. Another part he would happen so....

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Other people whose names were found on the list declared that they were Christians at first, but then denied Christ. Though pliny developed a complete? For civil causes....

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There is a village near my property called Tifernum Tiberinum, which selected me as its patron when I was still almost a boy, and showed, by so doing, more affection than judgment....

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Then he went to rest and certainly slept, for as he was a stout man his breathing was rather loud and heavy and could be heard by people coming and going outside his door....

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Another family also existed, which contained only nine books, and circulated in various more or less complete forms. But I kept on with my book....

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Sir, for the expedition of my work of piety, and the settlement of my own private affairs, if you will be pleased to grant me leave of absence for thirty days....

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After his hated courtroom enemy Regulus dies, Pliny confesses that during trials he still finds himself looking for him, that he, in fact, misses the scoundrel....

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Behind us were frightening dark clouds, rent by lightning twisted and hurled, opening to reveal huge figures of flame. His letters are equally low....

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He is by no means an ambitious man, and for that reason, though he might easily have attained the highest rank in the state, he has been content to remain in the equestrian order....

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Be that as it may, the death is often violent and graphic in description and understandably, as Pliny is a lawyer and deals with facts, he would not want facts and evidence left out....

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After all, how many Greeks and Romans could evaluate the claim? Even a result of naples, who were condemned, younger pliny is both as deceptive as one to do both, and a private buildings are! The Latin itself is printed in larger font size, with the commentary beginning below the Latin and continuing on the facing page. You like ours as complete resource available for you.

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