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The name is still applied to some churches by way of honorary distinction.

Of or pertaining to the Vandals; resembling the Vandals in barbarism and destructiveness.

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We know that the information we provide can be used to cheat in games such as Scrabble, Wordfeud, Words with Friends and Crosswords, but we wish to state that we discourage people to cheat in any type of games. The state or condition of being bald; as, baldness of the head; baldness of style.

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The quality of being rapacious; rapaciousness; ravenousness; as, the rapacity of pirates; the rapacity of wolves. Mouse left click the eight words which game has seven of the given letters. The hide or skin of a calf; or leather made of the skin. Anything done or said to enforce the will, law, or authority of another; as, legal sanctions. Nautical skill or experience.


Of or pertaining to Laconia, a division of ancient Greece; Spartan.

An inhabitant; a dweller.One who plays upon a reed or pipe.The quality or state of being rash.An apparatus for smoking tobacco.The practice of exciting and encouraging lawsuits and quarrels.

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One who plays on a bagpipe; a piper. Verified

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