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Cross County High School Handbook

The student is considered on campus upon driving through the gate. Guidance Office and on the school website. Varsity athletes are expected at all races except: County, Peoria, Regionals, Sectionals, and State. Student Handbook and the Trigg County District Code of Conduct. Again, the requirement will be no more than one failing grade on their report card.

WIAA rules would not prohibit you from including these clubs in your meet. Follow us on social media. The committee believes when no advantage is gained by a competitor helping a distressed or injured competitor, the competitor assisting should not be penalized for exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Students may have headphones in the hall as long as one ear is free.

If an athlete is not passing four academic classes, they are ineligible to compete in meets.

All personal items brought to school by any student are the responsibility of that student.

Added by Chris to Remove extra padding if Region B is not in use. Click links below to purchase tickets. Restrooms Students should make every effort to use the restroom facilities between classes or at lunch. No student is to take part in interscholastic athletics unless the student has taken out athletic insurance through the school or is able to show proof that he or she is covered by a policy. Ms Comer is the Community Development Manager for Facebook.

Students need to be respectful of those around them and act responsibly. WIAA allows wheelchair athletes to participate in track and field. The school store sells school supplies and school apparel before school starts and during break. The building or can be appropriate software and staff in order to parents are there should not advised not to proper safety issues once spoken, school cross county high school principal. Absences will be expected to compete in school cross country. Academic penalty imposed for high school nutrition mrs moore show the high school! They must run a qualifying meet which is open to all.

At this time the student will be put on a one major offense contract. We monitor the website regularly to maintain this, but if you do find any problems, please get in touch. This handbook has been approved by the Board of Education. Are bibs required for competitors at a cross country meet?

The South Carolina High School Diploma Course Credits and Graduation. Riding a school bus is a privilege. During class or club sponsored dances, the sponsor and sufficient chaperones are expected to be present. This area will be for delivery and emergency vehicles only. Students on suspension have as many days as they were out to complete missed work. Is shorter then be assigned to provide the cross county high school handbook.

The following procedure will be implemented when SRC is assigned. Director of School Nutrition Mrs. To be assigned a particular parking space, students must: pay any fines or fees owed to the school. Any further violation will be grounds for expulsion from school.

Other courses such as literature, history, philosophy, architecture, or comparative world religions may satisfy the humanities standards if the course is aligned to the Idaho Interdisciplinary Humanities Content Standards.

Library Students are expected to use the library and its many services. Student Handbook Okeechobee High School. See through clothing may only be worn if clothing underneath meets other dress code guidelines. Remember, all sounds should only be heard by the listener. If you leave early for work, it will be considered an unexcused practice dismissal.


Refer to the District Code of Conduct for Kentucky truancy statutes.

Both inside of starting time.JV to Varsity for a meet.Phone checkouts will not be permitted.Author Name Blackboard, Inc.Keep null if you want the button to link to the app store.

Any student that is failing more than two classes is deemed ineligible. If you need to travel to work, shower after practice, or go home beforehand, that will add on time, too. Students will return to class when they are properly dressed.

Repeated dress code violations will result in disciplinary action. Resident credit will be accepted upon receipt of an official transcript from the previous school. Check out the career choice video at the following link!

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